Why Do People Not Like Tata Harrier? Know The Reason For Not Buying

Tata Harrier
 Tata Harrier

Why Do People Not Like Tata Harrier? Know The Reason For Not Buying

Tata Harrier: Tata has been paying a lot of attention to its SUVs for the last few years. After the success of Tata Nexon, there has been no looking back for the company. Apart from hatchbacks, the company is also manufacturing SUVs on a large scale.

Their lineup includes four SUVs Tata Punch, Nexon, Harrier, and Safari. Where sales of Punch and Nexon are very high. The same Safari sells well because of its name.

But when it comes to Harrier, it is not able to do anything special there. You will be surprised to know that Harrier is the only car in its segment that comes with a powerful engine. But people don't like him.

When Tata Harrier was newly launched, people liked it a lot. But its sales kept decreasing with time. Keeping this in view, the company has decided to upgrade it.

Harrier has been relaunched with the new Safari. Many modern features have been given to it. The company hopes that due to all these features customers will be attracted to it. Its front bumper has also been changed.

Tata Harrier's unique engine and cell

Tata Harrier has a 2-liter turbo diesel engine. Apart from this, a petrol engine option can be given in the new Harrier. This engine is very powerful and it is a lot of fun to drive on the highway.

It generates a power of 167 BHP. However, those who want a car with mileage. He still won't buy it. Harrier gets a mileage of 14 to 16 kilometers per liter.

However, the Harrier has got a lot of new things regarding its features, due to which the sales of the new Harrier may increase. Because its sales in October 2023 were 1896 units. Whereas in November 2023, it increased to 2326 units.

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