Jio Again Starts Free Internet, Call Option, You Will Get 3 Free Numbers With One Number


Jio Again Starts Free Internet, Call Option, You Will Get 3 Free Numbers With One Number

Elon Musk has announced fast internet and also launched a satellite. In Jio's 996 Family Plan, the bill has to be paid for 1 number, but 3 add-on SIMs are available. Jio 897 Family Plan has 110GB of Data and 3 SIM cards. Jio 798 Family Plan has 2 numbers and 105GB of data.

Elon Musk has recently announced fast internet. This is the reason why Musk has also launched a satellite. But Jio is also not far behind. Jio is working on satellite, but it is also bringing many new plans in which free internet and calling facilities are being provided. So let us tell you about some similar plans-

996 Family Plan-

You also get many facilities in Jio's 996 Family Plan. The specialty with this is that in this you pay the bill only for 1 number, but you are getting 3 add-on SIMs along with it. If you look at it in terms of one SIM, you have to pay only Rs 249 per month and the facility of 115GB Data Unlimited Calling, 5G Data is being provided. It also has the facility of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

897 Family Plan-

110GB of data is given in the Jio 897 Family Plan. Also, a bill of Rs 299 per month has to be paid on one SIM. That means it has a total of 3 SIM cards on which you can enjoy calling and data. In such a situation, this can prove to be a good option for you.

Jio 798 Family Plan-

You get many facilities even in the plan of Rs 798. But in this, a total of 2 numbers are available to use. A total of 105GB of data is also given. That means you are being given the facility of calling data on a total of 2 numbers. That means you will have to pay Rs 399 for one number. These plans are most in demand. Especially for such users who are looking for better offers at a lower price.

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