These Two Iconic Suvs Will Enter India Soon and will Win People's Hearts Again With Their Better Looks And New Features

Tata Sierra
Tata Sierra

These Two Iconic Suvs Will Enter India Soon and will Win People's Hearts Again With Their Better Looks And New Features

Tata Motors is preparing to introduce the Sierra SUV in a new avatar in the coming time. At the same time, Renault India is also trying to launch its most special SUV Duster with better looks and features. Come, let us know what is going to be special in these two iconic SUVs of the Indian market.

Currently, there may be a glut of SUVs in the Indian market and most of the SUVs are sold, but till 10 years ago, their number was very less, and at that time, companies like Tata Motors and Mahindra as well as Renault used to attract people with their big SUVs. Was. There was a time when there was a huge craze for Tata Sierra.

Like Tata Sierra, Renault Duster also ruled the hearts of people for a long time. Although both these SUVs are no longer sold, the company is preparing to launch them again. So, let us tell you about the new generation models of these two iconic SUVs of the Indian market so that you can get an idea of how they will look and what features they will be equipped with.

How will the new incarnation of Tata Sierra be?

Tata Sierra was showcased at the Auto Expo this year. However, news is already coming that Tata may bring back Sierra in the coming time and the most important thing will be that this time this SUV will come in an electric avatar along with an IC engine.

Tata Sierra, set to be launched in the year 2025, will be built on the company's Generation 2 Sigma architecture and will be around 4.3 meters long. The electric variant of Sierra, which is coming to further strengthen the position of Tata Motors in the midsize SUV segment, will have a dual motor and it will be all-wheel drive. It will have a powerful battery, whose single charge range will be up to 500 kilometers. The new Tata Sierra will be quite awesome in looks and features.

The new Renault Duster will be amazing in terms of features

Renault has recently introduced the third-generation Duster in the global market and it is believed that it can also be introduced in the Indian market next year. The new generation model of Duster will see major changes in terms of look-design and features as well as power.

The new Duster, which is coming to create a stir in the midsize SUV segment, will be developed on the CMF-B platform and its length will be 4.34 meters. Its ground clearance will range from 209 mm to 217 mm. The new Duster will be available in both 4X2 and 4X4 versions. Along with the hybrid powertrain, the new Duster will be equipped with other latest features including an advanced driver assistant system.

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