Android Users Beware! Delete These Dangerous Apps Immediately, Google Removed Them From the Play Store

Delete These Dangerous Apps
Delete These Dangerous Apps

Android Users Beware! Delete These Dangerous Apps Immediately, Google Removed Them From the Play Store

There is some important news for Android smartphone users. A list of some such apps has come out which are dangerous for the users. These apps work to trap users by luring them with the promise of providing them with a loan. Google has removed these spy loan apps from its Play Store. Let us know about them.

In the Internet world, where on the one hand there is a wealth of information, on the other hand, there are many dangerous apps. Many scammers are using these apps to take advantage of vulnerable people. There are many SpyLoan Apps available on the internet, which are dangerous for the users. Let us know about these apps in detail.

Cyber security firm ESET has discovered some fraudulent instant loan apps that target Android smartphone users. These apps were not only preying on Indian users but were also trying to defraud other countries.

Are these dangerous apps on your phone?

The cyber security company has identified 18 SpyLoan Apps and lodged a report with Google. The tech giant has already removed 17 of these apps from the Play Store. Before being removed, these apps had achieved more than 12 million downloads from the Play Store worldwide.

The promise of quick loan access

Cyber security firm recently found that some Android Loan Apps are cheating people. These apps show themselves as a better personal loan service provider. They also promise that they provide loans easily.

Steal financial and personal information

These apps have been designed in such a way that they work to trap common people. These apps provide money at high-interest rates. Also, these apps collect the personal details and financial information of the users. After this, they use it for blackmailing. For those users who have downloaded these apps, we advise them to remove these apps from their phones.

This is the list of spy loan apps

These apps were not following Google's policy. There are some guidelines for repayment, which he violated. The names of these apps are taken from the reports of PhoneArena.

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