If You Also Get Order Delivery Messages On Whatsapp, Then Be Careful, Jio, Airtel And Vi Warn Of National Security


If You Also Get Order Delivery Messages On WhatsApp, Then Be Careful, Jio, Airtel, And Vi Warn Of National Security

For the last few days, we have started receiving delivery of our orders and other messages on our WhatsApp. This is a common thing for us but the telecom company has shown it as national security. For this, COAI has accused Amazon and Microsoft of bypassing the legal rules related to telecommunication. Let us know about it.

Often when you shop online, e-commerce sites give you all the updates through messages. Now for a few days, companies have started sending these messages on WhatsApp.

Apart from this, other platforms, whether it is a bank or a shopping complex, have started sending their offers and details on WhatsApp. But telecom companies i.e. Jio, Airtel, and Vi have raised objection to this.

New information has come to light that the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has opposed this new change.

Expressed concern by writing a letter

The association wrote a letter to Secretary Neeraj Mittal, in which COAI accused Microsoft and other consumer technology companies like Amazon of bypassing the legal telecom route by sending these messages. Due to this, the Center and telecom companies may suffer an annual revenue loss of Rs 3,000 crore.

Further, it was also alleged that this is not only a violation of licensing and safety norms but also results in loss of government revenue and foreign exchange earnings. In this letter, COAI has also emphasized that the government should declare platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram as illegitimate routes for such messages.

threat to national security

The association said that the regular SMS service of telecom companies has been designed only for such messages. For this, companies get licenses, but now these companies bypass these licensing norms and regulations and use OTT platforms i.e. WhatsApp and Telegram instead of the licensed route, which diverts traffic.

As we know these platforms are end-to-end encrypted, hence this method affects the security of the users. Also, this method is outside the monitoring of the government, due to which it is an issue of national security, due to which it is necessary to save it.

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