Amazing Feature On Whatsapp, Login To Account And Chatting Without Phone Number


Amazing Feature On WhatsApp, Login To Account And Chatting Without Phone Number

In case of theft or loss of the old phone, if you buy a new phone and want to open a WhatsApp account, then you need the old number. If you also think that you cannot log in without the OTP received on the WhatsApp number, then you are wrong. With the new feature, users will be given the option to log in without the help of a mobile number.

Many times such a situation occurs that the user cannot send SMS to his WhatsApp number or he cannot receive automated calls. WhatsApp has created a new feature to overcome this problem and it will remove the requirement of phone numbers for the users. It has been revealed that the new feature will give users the option of email verification, so that email can be used instead of phone number.

The blog site gave information about the change

WABetaInfo, a blog site that monitors and provides information about changes in WhatsApp, has told users that they will soon be able to use the email verification feature. The function of this new feature will be to find an alternative to the existing phone number verification but it will not completely replace SMS verification. This means that if users have a chance, they will also be able to enter a 6-digit OTP.

Only beta testers are getting the feature

Access to the new feature of WhatsApp is currently available only to beta testers and it is available on iOS mobile platforms apart from Android. Screenshots shared by the publication show that this feature is easy to set up. For this, users will first have to enter their email ID and then link it to the account by entering the OTP sent on it.

Once the email is linked to the account, it can be used to login to the new account. The good thing is that this email ID will not be shown to other users and the help of email verification will be taken only at the time of login. Also, users will soon get the option of chatting with a username instead of a phone number and this feature is also in testing mode.

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