Will Your Pocket Be Cut After Scanning QR Code? People Scared Of New Method Of Cyber Crime In The Market!

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Will Your Pocket Be Cut After Scanning QR Code? People Scared Of New Method Of Cyber Crime In The Market!

QR Code Scam: These days, a new trend of cyber fraud is going on in the market by scanning the QR code. That means you can lose money just by scanning the QR code.

Cyber Crime: Cyber ​​thugs use new tricks every day to deceive people and rob their pockets. And often people get trapped in the tricks of scammers. If companies are to be believed every day by providing new measures for cyber security and showing various ways to avoid it, then cyber thugs keep using phishing links to defraud people. But now a new trick of these cyber thugs has come to light. Till now, they used to rob people's pockets by sending QR codes through email, but now even by scanning the QR code, cyber thugs have invented a new way of looting.

QRcode phishing link

Actually, QR codes are encoded with phishing links and scam pages. As soon as the user scans the QR code, he gets trapped in the trap of cyber fraudsters and loses his money. Not only this, in some cases it has also been seen that these fraudsters are filling their coffers by trapping people in the name of gifts or returns.

become victims of fraudsters

According to experts, as soon as a user scans the code given for gifts or returns, after scanning he has to enter the password for the gateway. And as soon as the password is entered, anyone becomes a victim of these fraudsters and the money gets deducted from their account and goes directly into the account of the fraudsters.

A new pattern of cyber thugs

The latest revelation is that to trap people, cyber fraudsters have started trying new tactics and sticking the faces of QR codes in shops and other places. Since many types of QR codes are pasted on shops, these fraudsters paste the face of their fraudulent QR codes in the middle of them, and the users scan them by mistake and fall into the trap of these fraudsters.

Warning from American investigative agency FBI

The American investigative agency FBI had issued a warning about this some time ago. According to the FBI, sometimes cyber thugs put fake codes on real QR codes. According to the American investigative agency, many times the mobile gets hacked as soon as these codes are scanned. And as soon as the mobile is hacked, the data reaches the hackers through the mobile. And then he can keep all the personal information of people with himself and use it unnecessarily. It is also seen that in this way hackers also download malware in mobile.

In the trap of cyber thugs

According to the FBI, this type of scam is called phishing, in which the users get entangled in the bait thrown by cyber thugs just like a fishnet. Usually, such frauds are perpetrated through email or SMS. The latest situation is that along with the government and security agencies, big brands and cyber security companies keep issuing instructions to people to beware of such scams. Cheating people through a link is an old trick of cybercriminals. But now people have become aware and have started ignoring the SMS or email tactics of criminals, hence fraudsters have invented this new method.

QR codes instead of phishing links

Now instead of phishing links, cyber thugs have started sending QR codes. As soon as a user scans these codes, his mobile gets immediately hacked and the work of cyber thugs is done. The most difficult thing about this fraud is that it is easy to identify the phishing link but it is very difficult to identify the QR.

Be alert…be careful

Now the question arises how can one avoid getting trapped in this trap? Security agencies say that in the internet world, one can be saved only by being alert and careful. The most basic way to do this is that the email coming with a QR code is the first sign of falling into the trap of fraud, which is important to understand. If a QR code is sent to you along with any email, then you can consider it dangerous.

This is how fraud happens with a QR code

What happens is that as soon as you scan the QR code, it gets redirected to a fake website. And these websites start asking you for many types of permission access and then with the same data, cyber thugs cheat the users. Actually, the psychology behind this is the haste of the users. These cyber thugs take advantage of this. Only after this do scammers send emails like passwords compromised or service expired and people take the wrong steps in haste.

Thugs take advantage of haste

Similarly, it is not right to be hasty in scanning the QR code at any shop. After scanning the code, definitely decide whose name the code is on and what number it is on. Which can also be confirmed by the shopkeeper and only then go to payment mode. It may happen that after the scan, you may lose your hard-earned money due to some free gift offer.

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