If You Scan QR Code, You Can Get Scammed Anytime, What Is The Whole Matter?

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If You Scan QR Code, You Can Get Scammed Anytime, What Is The Whole Matter?

QR Code Scam: Whether to make online payments or access any service, people immediately scan the QR Code. What if you scan a QR Code and it turns out to be a scam? That means one code scan can compromise all your data. To avoid this, you have to keep some things in mind. Let us know how you can avoid QR Code Scam.

Scammers use all kinds of tricks to trap people. According to cyber security companies, scammers are taking the help of phishing links to cheat people. Actually, scammers are cheating people by sending QR codes in emails. Not only through email, scammers are also trapping people through many other methods.

These QR codes are encoded with phishing links and scam pages. As soon as a user scans these codes, he can become a victim of a scam. In some cases, it has been seen that scammers are trapping people in the name of gifts or returns.

How is the scam happening?

When a user scans the code for these gifts or returns, they have to enter the password. If you enter the password, you will become a victim of a scam. Because it will not give you any gift, rather money will be deducted from your account. Scammers are also pasting face QR codes in shops and other places to trap people.

FBI warning

You must have noticed that many QR codes are pasted on shops. Scammers are also pasting face codes in between, due to which your payment will go to some other account. FBI had also issued a warning some time ago regarding such scammers. American agency FBI has said that sometimes scammers put fake codes on the real QR codes.

According to the FBI, after scanning these codes the mobile can be hacked. Mobile data can go to hackers and people can also be spied on through mobile. In this way, hackers can also download malware in mobile.

What is a phishing attack?

You can understand this type of scam as a fish trap. Just like bait is thrown to trap a fish. In the same way, scammers lure people and trap them in scams. This type of scam is usually carried out through email or SMS.

QR Code is a big danger

The government, brands, and cyber security companies are constantly warning people against such scams. Cheating people through a link is one of the most common methods of cyber crimes. As people are becoming aware of this, they have started ignoring such SMS and emails.

Because of this, scammers have started sending QR Codes instead of phishing links. As soon as a user scans these codes, their work is done. Where it is easy to identify fraud links and email addresses. QR Code scam is equally difficult because you cannot recognize it by looking at it.

What happens when you scan the code?

As soon as you scan a QR Code, you get redirected to a fake website. This website asks you for all kinds of permission access. It is with the help of this data that scammers cheat people.

How can you escape?

In the internet world, you can remain safe only by being careful and alert. You always have to keep some things in mind. An email with a QR Code is the first clue. If you see a QR code in an email, consider it dangerous.

Scammers often want to take advantage of people in a hurry. For this, they send emails like password compromise or service expiry. Due to this, people take the wrong steps in haste.

Please double-check any email before trusting it. Such fake emails offer people quick solutions to many problems. You can keep yourself safe by keeping such things in mind.

At the same time, do not hurry while scanning the QR code at any shop. First of all, after scanning any code, see whose name it is. You should make payment only if the code is in the name of the shopkeeper. Similarly, be a little cautious about free gift cards.

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