Elon Musk Trapped In The Tricks Of Jio And Airtel! Starlink Pulses Will Not Be Digested

Jio And Airtel
Jio And Airtel

Elon Musk Trapped In The Tricks Of Jio And Airtel! Starlink Pulses Will Not Be Digested

Although Jio and Airtel are considered rivals, both companies have become very cautious regarding the entry of Starlink. In the last two years, Jio and Airtel have achieved a lot of growth in terms of satellite internet connectivity. In such a situation, today they are ready to compete with Starlink.

Elon Musk has been preparing to launch his satellite service Starlink in India for a long time. Starlink service, which is making waves all over the world, was expected to soon capture the big market of India, but after hard work in the last few years, this could not happen, although approval has been given to implement Starlink service in India soon. The central government can give, but perhaps it is too late now because Chakravyuh has been built in India for Elon Musk's Starlink service.

Jio and Airtel maze

It is known that Jio and Airtel are two big telecom companies in India. In such a situation, both do not want Elon Musk's Starlink to dominate India. This is the reason why Jio and Airtel have made huge investments in satellite connectivity in the last few years. In such a situation, it is difficult for Starlink to gain ground in India as compared to Jio and Airtel.

Airtel One web service

Like Jio, Airtel is working rapidly towards satellite internet connectivity. At the Mobile India Congress 2023, Bharti Airtel Chairman Sunil Mittal said that the OneWeb satellite service will start in the country by next month. This will provide network connectivity in remote areas, where fiber optical cable is not currently available. Sunil Mittal says that a target has been set to provide satellite connectivity to about 20 thousand villages in the country.

Geospace fiber

Jio has launched Geospace Fiber in collaboration with space company SES. It is satellite connectivity, in which internet connectivity is offered to remote areas by launching satellites in low-earth orbit. It has a latency rate of 120 milliseconds. Also, a speed of 1Gbps is offered. At present, its price has not been announced by Jio, but it is confirmed that this service will be much cheaper than Starlink.

Starlink's troubles increase

Starlink service has not been approved yet. At the same time, about 2 years ago in 2021, Starlink service was started without the approval of the government, for which the government reprimanded Elon Musk, after which Elon Musk applied to the Central Government for approval to launch this satellite service. Have done. In the last two years, Jio and Airtel have invested a lot in satellite internet connectivity.

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